4 Reasons To Conduct Functional Capacity Assessment For NDIS Participants

Functional capacity assessment is essential to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It refers to the analysis of support and services a vulnerable individual may need to help them achieve their goals and live an independent life.

The Australian government launched the NDIS to offer assistance and services to those with different vulnerabilities that impact their day to day living. Among several supports that cater to people’s physical and mental vulnerabilities, a crucial step in the NDIS process, the functional capacity analysis identifies the potential degree of support a participant may need.

This process is highly significant in creating or altering your NDIS plan. It is conducted by a professional occupational therapist who has to look at every minor and significant aspect of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Let us look at why this assessment is performed and how an individual with vulnerability can benefit from it.

Helps evaluate the needs of NDIS participants

One of the critical benefits of analysing functional capacity is that it helps to identify the participant’s strengths and limitations. This evaluation focuses on several factors, including mobility, interaction, self-care, and social engagement. The NDIS participant is given a functional capacity rating based on the evaluation, which establishes the level of assistance they need.

Assists healthcare providers in identifying potential barriers

The assessment also helps to identify potential health barriers that may affect an NDIS participant’s ability to perform daily activities. For example, if a participant has limited mobility, it may be difficult for them to perform tasks such as cooking or cleaning. In such cases, the assessment helps to identify the need for in-home support, assistive technology or modifications to the participant’s environment to overcome these barriers.

Focuses on the changes in an individual’s overall health

Functional capacity assessment aids in identifying changes in the health of a vulnerable individual that might need further assistance or adjustments to their plan. Hence it is essential to conduct this analysis and focus on the changes in the overall health of a person with any vulnerability to make necessary changes in their plans.

Allows NDIS participants to explore new supports and services

Based on the results of this capacity assessment, NDIS participants get to explore the latest support and services that might help them to live a more independent and comfortable life. It can include different therapies like physiotherapy, speech therapy, and various assistive technologies.

How Can You Benefit From this Assessment?

The support and services provided by the NDIS have helped thousands of vulnerable individuals and their families across Australia. This analysis can help NDIS participants get the correct type of care they need and also helps caretakers take the necessary precautions to assist them with their life.


At EnableU, we strive to assist every individual through their journey and provide adequate care and comfort through our services. Our healthcare team ensures that our participants receive the support they need to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives without any barriers.

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