Enabling Independence with NDIS Support Workers

The National Disability Insurance (NDIS) provides a huge range of support services for each participant. It is a program that provides disability support services Sydney and all around Australia to help people with any significant or permanent impairment lead independent lives.

This program was started by the Australian government in the year 2013 and went into operation in 2020. Over the years, NDIS has made life easier for its participants and continues to make independent living achievable for them. It aims to help people achieve their goals and live as independently as possible. 

The wide range of support services funded under NDIS includes all types of services that are required for participants depending on their needs. Every participant can find the support they require in order to lead their desirable lives. An NDIS support worker in Sydney is responsible for providing the right amount of services to each participant and assisting them in their day-to-day lives. 

NDIS enables each participant to have a professionally trained support worker to help them achieve their goals and enhance independence. Many participants don’t have complex needs and require minimal support from NDIS. However, they still need the help of NDIS support workers so they can go through their days without facing any challenges.

Responsibilities of a Support Worker

If you are an NDIS participant, you will have a support worker to assist you in various tasks throughout your days. Following are some of the responsibilities of a support worker.

Providing Personal Care

Every NDIS participant might not have complex needs, but they all need a certain level of personal care. NDIS support workers are responsible for providing personal care services for each participant according to their needs. It can include tasks like dressing, toileting, meal preparation, eating, cleaning, etc. You can have a support worker help you with these tasks until you become independent enough to perform them yourself. 

Providing Emotional Support

NDIS support workers become great companions for the participants. Staying at home all day can be extremely lonely for the participants, and having family or friends all the time is also not possible for each participant. Having company makes all the difference in the emotional health of the participants. Support workers are great to have conversations with, and they are trustable people so participants can build an emotional connection with them in no time.

Help in Routine Checkups

It gets difficult for NDIS participants to keep a check on their medication and doctors’ appointments all the time. It can easily slip their minds, and it won’t be good for their health. NDIS support workers are responsible for helping you with your checkups and medication so you don’t miss out on anything and stay healthy.

Build New Hobbies

NDIS support workers are also responsible for encouraging you to build new hobbies and interests. Staying at home all day and doing nothing will never help you become independent and confident. You need hobbies and interests that you can pursue in your time. NDIS support workers help you find new interests by taking you out for community activities.


Socialising is important for everyone, and it becomes more significant for NDIS participants because they spend more time alone at home. Meeting new people and making new friends can boost your confidence and make you more independent. Hence, NDIS support workers also help you in socialising. They take you out for community activities which allows you to meet new people. You can make friends with people with similar interests while your support worker stays by your side. 

Teaching Life Skills

An NDIS support worker Sydney can also be a teacher who teaches you life skills. As an NDIS participant, travelling on public transport and managing your bills can be difficult. However, support workers can help you develop methods that make these things easier for you. They can assist you in public transport until you feel confident enough to do it yourself. 

Working with Healthcare Professionals

NDIS support workers are also responsible for working with your healthcare providers to ensure that you get the best services and treatment. They stay connected with your doctors and inform them as soon as there are some changes in your symptoms. This helps you get quick treatment, and they also ensure that you follow the guidelines and plan set by your healthcare professionals.

Is it Important to Have a Support Worker?

Having a support worker to assist you and handle your NDIS plan might not be necessary if you think you don’t need as much help. However, for most participants, it is essential to have the right support if they want to make the most of their NDIS plan. Whether you need a support worker or not depends on the types of support funded in your NDIS plan. 

Having a support worker makes things much easier for you as you don’t have to handle a lot of the important things yourself. NDIS support workers are also professionally trained and know how things are handled and what participants need. Hence, while having a support worker is entirely your choice as the participant, it will surely make things more convenient and smooth for you. With the help of an NDIS support worker in Sydney, you can entirely focus on your goals and needs while your support worker will handle the rest.

Looking for Assistance?

If you are looking for professional disability support services in Sydney, reach out to EnableU. We have a dependable team of support workers who provide compassionate care to the participants. We aim to build trusting relationships with our clients and provide the best services to ensure that they make the most of their NDIS plans.

You can contact our team and discuss your NDIS plan with us to connect with the right support worker that would help you become more independent and achieve your goals in the most effective way possible.

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