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At EnableU, we want to be the ones you can always rely on for disability services in Sydney. Among many others, we’re different because we connect you with great support workers and have compassion. We’re always dedicated to helping you feel independent and confident. We care about your well-being and our team works hard to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with us.

Disability Services In Sydney

In the vibrant metropolis of Sydney, our premier disability services align themselves with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) standards and guidelines to help participants develop goal-centric plans. Whether you’re aiming to improve daily living skills, seek additional assistance with day to day activities, or support participating in the community, our disability services in Sydney provides the help you need.

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the NDIS framework, we ensure that every participant optimally utilises their funding package, bringing their aspirations to fulfilment in the most empowering way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being an experienced NDIS service provider, we have developed valuable connections with participants and healthcare professionals in the industry. Our team works with utmost dedication and compassion for each participant. Ensuring a sustainable plan for everyone, we aim to bring excellence and uniqueness to our services. Our comprehensive training program ensures that each support worker is trained to provide dependable support to the participants, becoming their ultimate companion on this journey. Having a long history filled with brilliant support workers and successful participants makes us proud of our unending efforts and seamless support. We plan to bring longevity and even better services for more compelling results.

At EnableU, we believe in helping people join in and be part of the community. We make sure they feel good about going to appointments and joining events with confidence. Our support team is there for all community activities to make socialising easier and more enjoyable. We think being social is important, and we include this support in your plan for better results.

EnableU boasts a robust team of allied health professionals. Our key objective is to bridge you with the most adept practitioners available. Our disability services in  Sydney encompass comprehensive consultations with these experts, guaranteeing that your unique requirements are at the forefront of every strategy and support plan.

Your journey with EnableU commences with clarity. For a precise understanding of the support landscape tailored for you, call us directly at 1300 240 076 or request a callback from our dedicated team by completing our contact form. We offer complimentary consultations, focusing on your comfort and clarity. Each participant has unique needs and we have the ability to cater to them all.

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Unsatisfied with your support worker, caregiver or therapist? All it takes is a phone call.

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We don't just listen, we're attentive. Our services are tailored to your goals and needs.

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When you reach out, we act swiftly. You won't be kept waiting for long or ignored.

You’re Not Just A Number

Numbers are for spreadsheets. At EnableU, we're about treating you as a real human being.

Experienced Staff

Trained, supervised and experienced across a range of disabilities and conditions.

Multicultural Team

Speak another language? We support the CALD communities in Australia.

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