Navigating NDIS Personal Care Services in Sydney: What You Need to Know

Getting personal care services is one of the primary goals of NDIS participants. Whether they have complex needs or not, they usually need a certain level of personal care from their support workers. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) ensures that participants receive each support that they require in order to live independently.

It is a support program designed by the Australian government to help people with significant impairments accomplish their goals and live carefree lives. NDIS provides a wide range of services depending on the needs of each participant. You can assist the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) while they create an effective NDIS plan for you. The plan contains all the details about your support and fund; you can access all of that support with the help of your NDIS service provider in Sydney.

Personal Care in NDIS

NDIS personal care requires support workers to be professionally trained so they can provide the best personal care support to the participants. While the intensity of support depends on the participant’s need, basic personal care services are still funded under NDIS. You can have a support worker assist you in your daily household chores and personal tasks, or you can also have them perform the activities on your behalf.

This support is funded to help the participants become more independent and self-reliant. It gives you the confidence to take care of yourself, and you can have assistance for as long as you want until you are able to do everything yourself. Following are some of the support that you can expect in NDIS personal care.

  • Dressing
  • Toileting
  • Cooking
  • Bathing
  • Eating
  • Grooming
  • Medicines
  • Mobility
  • Appointment reminders

Ways to Access Personal Care

There are three ways to have personal care assistance, and you can choose the one that’s right for your situation.

Family Caregivers

Many NDIS participants choose this personal care assistance as it’s comfortable and convenient for them. You can have a family member to provide personal care for you. It can be easier for you to communicate and understand your family members; however, it is important to know that family members are not professionally trained, and the chances of mistakes can be higher. NDIS also doesn’t pay the family members to provide the participants with support services. Hence, if your family member is doing it, they won’t be able to get paid.

Private Care Providers

Many care providers offer personal care services privately. They are not associated with any agency and are alone responsible for your needs. You can hire them as well, and NDIS will pay these support workers for their services.


NDIS service providers that are registered under the government and provide professional services to the participacnts are the third but the best option for personal care. You can easily find a good service provider and acess their support. It is better to trust a registered provider, especially when you are a new NDIS participant. They have connections with trained support workers who can provide you with the best services. NDIS pays these agencies for their services; hence, it is better to get this support in the right way.

Eligibility for NDIS Personal Care

Usually, people with chronic conditions, disabilities, injuries and elderly people are the ones that need personal care services at home. These services are non-medical in nature, as you don’t need prescriptions to access these, and they are also safe when you receive them from professional support workers. 

In NDIS, most participants are eligible for personal care services. As we mentioned, the intensity usually depends on the needs of each participant, but NDIS aims to make independent living easier for people. Hence, it easily funds personal care services for all participants.

You simply need to request NDIA to add personal care services to your NDIS plan. The agency develops an NDIS plan after analysing each participant’s condition and seeing what supports are right for them. If you consider personal care essential for your goal, you can request the agency, and if they also deem it right, you will get access to it.

Benefits of NDIS Personal Care

Personal care services have numerous benefits for the participants.

Stay at Home

It gives you the ability to stay at home for as long as you want. You don’t have to go to nursing homes or community centres to receive the right services, as NDIS personal care gives you access to all the support at home.


Staying at home can be lonely, especially for a social person. Having a support worker at home can give you good company. You can have conversations with them or perform different activities to keep yourself busy. This is enough to build good companionship, and NDIS participants can stay happy.

Personalised Care

Personal care services at home allow you to have personalised care for your needs. If you go to a nursing home or a community centre, you won’t be able to receive personalised care as there are many other participants or patients who need maintenance as well. You are the only one in need of care at home, and the support worker focuses on you.

Better Quality of Life

It might not seem like a lot, but personal care enhances your quality of life. You start feeling more lively and happy with the assistance of a support worker. You also become more independent and confident as the support workers push you to do better in life. You are able to perform your daily activities yourself after some time, and this gives you immense confidence in life.

Lower Cost

While there is a certain amount NDIS will have to pay the support workers for their services, it is still less expensive than living in a nursing home or an individualised living option.

Looking for Assistance?

If you are looking for an NDIS service provider Sydney, reach out to EnableU. We have significant years of experience working with different NDIS participants. Our support workers are professionally trained and provide each participant with compassionate care.

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