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Your Verified Guide to NDIS Registration Groups for Comprehensive Support

Comprehending the complex terrain of NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) registration groups is an essential first step for individuals and the service providers hoping to provide all-encompassing assistance. EnableU offers a thorough reference that clarifies the wide range of NDIS registration groups. It offers perceptions, comprehension, and useful information to assist providers and participants in making well-informed choices.

Understanding the Basics

The NDIS functions based on a framework that consists of 36 unique registration groups, each meeting certain demands and specifications. Although the extent of each group is simplified in this overview, it is important to keep in mind that unique situations may differ. Legal or expert advice is not substituted by this guidance. If further information or precise specifics are needed, It is advised to get in touch with the EnableU support staff.

NDIS Registration Groups Explained 0101: Housing and Leasing

This organisation helps people discover and secure appropriate housing by attending to their housing requirements. Participants are assisted through the process, recognising potential problems and coming up with workable solutions, whether they rent or live in public or community housing.

Required qualification: Not Applicable

0102 – Support/Access/Retain Work/Education

With an emphasis on career development, this support helps people find and keep jobs, advance their careers, and enhance their skills. Interview techniques and resume writing are examples of support.

Essential Requirement: Not Relevant

0103 – Help with Personal Care and Safety

For people, this organisation provides comfort and safety equipment, as well as consumables and housing modifications that guarantee a safe atmosphere. Products could be pressure mattresses, speciality apparel, or diapers for adults. A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

0104: High Intensity Personal Activities – Assistance

This help, which is specifically designed for people with high-level support needs, entails a caregiver visiting a person at home to provide high-intensity support, like cleaning, dressing, and bathing. A registered or enrolled nurse OR properly trained staff member is a prerequisite.

0105: Individual Mobility Devices

This support encompasses items and add-ons that facilitate movement; examples include wheelchairs, transfer aids, and walking aids. A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

0106: Support – Life Stage – Shift

Both short- and long-term help to enhance a person’s capacity to obtain and manage their own care, encouraging self-sufficiency at home and engaging community involvement. Psychosocial recovery coaches, connections to resources for help, and support coordination are prerequisites. For more details, get in touch with the EnableU support staff.

0107: Support – Individual Pursuits

Assisting people with their daily personal activities, such as cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, and mobility support, this support promotes independence.

Required qualification: Not Applicable

0108 – Support – Journey/Transport

Targeting people who have trouble getting around, this service offers suitable modes of transportation such cabs, ride-sharing, or public transportation. A driver’s license that is appropriate for the vehicle (such as a bus or a regular automobile) is a prerequisite.

0109: Modifications to the Vehicle

Adjustments to a vehicle that address the constraints imposed by a person’s difficulties are considered adaptations. Hand acceleration/braking control and modifications for wheelchair access are two examples.

Required qualification: Not Applicable


Need to be registered or have a valid license in the relevant Territory or State. in modifying cars to meet State Engineering Certification & Registration standards, Australian Design Rules, and Australian Standards. Mechanic: In the applicable State or Territory, a valid license or registration is required. familiarity with modifying cars to meet Australian Design Standards and Regulations.

0110: Behavior Support 

With the least amount of restrictive practices, this support helps persons with specific behavioral requirements by managing or reducing problematic behaviors through the use of people-centered interventions.

Required qualification: Not Applicable

Provider to read: NDIS self-assessment resource guide for PBS capacity frameworks; Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support.

0111 – Improvements to the Home

This support takes care of house modifications and guarantees people may live securely and independently. Handheld shower heads, wheelchair space, and grab rails are a few examples of modifications.

Qualifications required: Occupational Therapist with a current AHPRA registration, experience, and comprehension of the principles and constraints of AS 1428 and other individual access standards, as well as how to apply them in accordance with individual needs and plan specifications. Builders and tradesmen are required to maintain a valid license or registration in the appropriate State or Territory.

0112: Recreation – Assistive Technology

This help includes recreational equipment for both competitive and non-competitive sports and leisure activities. A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

0113: Vision Equipment

This help entails providing equipment, such as magnifiers, guide dogs, braille items, and note-taking supplies, to those with vision-related requirements. A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

0114: Community-Based Nursing Services

This support consists of giving supervision, care, and training for professionals attending to a person’s complicated care needs.

Qualifications needed: Current AHPRA registration, expertise in the field, proof of clinical supervision and professional development participation as mandated by the relevant professional organization, and registration as a registered or enrolled nurse.

0115: Daily Duties and Shared Housing

This support, which provides both temporary and ongoing help with everyday duties in shared living settings, is aimed at enhancing people’s capacity for independent living.

Required qualification: Not Applicable

0116: Creative Community Involvement

Assisting people to take part in community initiatives that foster diversity and job readiness, this support focuses on fostering resilience, overall well being, and personal development.

Qualification that is necessary: Not Relevant

0117: Life Skills Development

By giving them instruction in life skills and everyday living, this support enables people to live freely and take part in community activities.

Required qualification: Not Applicable

0118: Assistance for Early Childhood

This aid promotes access to communities for learning and growth by facilitating greater inclusion for children with developmental delays under the age of seven.

Requirement: Since ECEI and therapeutic supports typically go hand in hand, it is expected that the provider has the credentials mentioned in therapeutic supports.

0119: Customised Hearing Services

Support is given by licensed audiologists who specialise in hearing services for those with severe hearing loss and/or implanted devices.

A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

0120: Domestic Duties

Helping with everyday domestic chores, such as Supported Independent Living (SIL), this support helps with daily living.

Required qualification: Not Applicable

0121: Interpret/Translate

Helping those who don’t speak English to obtain language interpreting and translating services in order to facilitate effective communication.

A certified or recognized practicing interpreter or translator with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd. is a prerequisite for employment as an interpreter or translator. experience interacting with individuals and others.

0122: Auditory Aids

Supporting hearing aids involves helping with the expense of upkeep and repairs as well as financing for the devices themselves.

A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

0123: Home Tasks – Assistive Products

This support includes specialized tools and equipment for cooking, cleaning, laundry, and home maintenance, as well as assistive goods for household chores.

A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

0124: Information and Communication Technology

This support, which includes giving people access to products or technologies for alternate forms of communication, tries to help people become more proficient communicators.

A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

0125: Take Part in the Community

Helping people become more active in the community by going with them to shopping, sporting events, vacations, movies, and zoo trips, among other things.

Required qualification: Not Applicable

0126: Exercise/Training in Person

Helping people access physical activities that promote well-being, this support includes individual and group training as well as exercise guidance.

A Personal Trainer qualification, such as a Certificate III, IV, or Diploma in Fitness, or an equivalent, is required. Physiotherapist for Exercise: Certified by Exercise and Sports Science Australia.

0127: Management of Plans

This service simplifies administrative duties for a more independent life by helping people manage their support plans, keep records, and interact with various providers.

Membership in the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants (ATMA), Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), Association of Certified Bookkeepers (CBK), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Australia Bookkeepers Association Limited (ABAL), CPA Australia (CPA), Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), or Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ) or equivalent is required.

0128 – Medical Assistance

This support, which includes individual and group counselling, NDIS allied health professionals, and therapists’ services, tries to enhance and preserve a person’s health.

Occupational therapist, speech pathologist, dietitian, exercise physiologist, occupational therapist, orthoptist, physiotherapist, podiatrist, psychologist, rehabilitation counselor, social worker, and speech pathologist are among the required qualifications.

0129: Training for Specialised Drivers

This support, which is unique to helping drivers with difficulties entails having qualified driving instructors develop training plans based on each person’s evaluation.

A license as a driving teacher and prior experience instructing individuals with difficulties in the usage of cars that have been modified are prerequisites.

0130: Assistance Animals

Concerning the giving of an assistance animal to a person, this kind of help necessitates that animals be trained to carry out actions that lessen the functional impact of an individual’s difficulty.

A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

0131: Accommodations for Specialized Individuals

Speaking of homes intended for those with severe functioning with characteristics that assist independent living, SDA houses are ideal for those with difficulties or very high support needs.

Qualification that is necessary: Not Relevant

0132: Specialist in Support Coordination 

In times of crisis, support coordinators work with various stakeholders to negotiate suitable options for assistance, removing obstacles for participants.

Mental Health Nurse is the necessary qualification. It is anticipated that Specialist Support Coordination would handle intricate obstacles.

0133: Employment – Specialized Support

By offering employment services to people in need who need aid at work, this support encourages independence in job duties.

Qualification that is necessary: Not Relevant

0134: Audiology Services

This support entails an assessment to determine the impact on work for those whose hearing loss is equal to or more than 65 dB.

A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

0135: Customised Prosthetic

This support, which is categorised as Level 3 or 4 in the NDIS difficulty level categorisation, needs a professional evaluation in order to receive a personalised prosthetic.

The following credentials are necessary: Podiatrist, Pedorthist, Occupational Therapist, Orthotist/Prosthetist, Physiotherapist.

0136: Center/Group Activities

By assisting people in accessing leisure activities, this support promotes social skills development and the formation of friendships.

A relevant product knowledge base and prior experience dealing with individuals with difficulties are prerequisites.

Examining the Variations in NDIS Registration Groups: A Comprehensive Handbook by EnableU

A vital support system that enables people with difficulties to have happy lives is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS framework is based on a variety of registration groups, each specifically created to meet the individual needs of members. As your partner on this journey, EnableU explores the nuances of NDIS registration groups in greater detail, offering insightful information to improve your comprehension.

NDIS Registration Groups: A Comprehensive Overview

0137: The Approach to Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI)

The ECEI method, which acknowledges the value of early intervention, is a pillar of NDIS support. This registration group, which is aimed at children under the age of seven, is focused on early detection of developmental delays in order to provide prompt and individualized interventions.

Required education: Early childhood educators, developmental psychologists, or others working in similar disciplines must hold appropriate education. The focus is on proficiency in identifying and assisting young children with a range of needs.

0138: SIL, or Supported Independent Living

A key component of the NDIS, SIL seeks to enable people to live independently. This registered group offers help with everyday chores and activities, creating a caring atmosphere in single or shared living situations.

While a specialized degree is not required, support staff in SIL should have relevant experience and training in helping people with everyday chores so that they can live in a comfortable and empowered setting.

0139: Coordinating Specialized Support

When dealing with intricate circumstances where individuals encounter substantial obstacles, expert support coordination becomes essential. Experts that handle complex support solutions are part of this registration group; they guarantee smooth plan execution and crisis management.

Requirement: Specialized support coordination is best suited for mental health professionals and NDIS allied health professionals, especially mental health nurses. Their proficiency in handling intricate obstacles offers another level of competence to this vital area of service.

0140: Support Connection

A support connection is a crucial conduit that connects individuals to the resources they need. Professionals who help people connect with community resources, services, and activities that suit their interests and goals make up this registration group.

Qualification required: Support connections must possess strong communication abilities and a thorough awareness of local resources. While not required, prior experience in social work and community participation is extremely advantageous.

0141: Enhanced Physical and Mental Welfare

Acknowledging the comprehensive character of individual support, the group dedicated to improving health and wellbeing focuses on augmenting overall wellness. This covers resources meant to improve emotional and physical well-being, create a feeling of community, and promote a healthy way of living.

Requirement: Medical professionals, such as dietitians, physiotherapists, and mental health experts, are essential. Their knowledge helps create individualized regimens that cater to each participant’s unique health demands.

0142: Expert Assistance for Positive Behavior

When problematic behaviors are involved, professional positive behavior support becomes essential. The creation and application of customized methods to address habits that could negatively affect a person’s quality of life are part of this registration group.

Requirement: This group requires behavioral intervention specialists who possess a thorough understanding of positive behavior support frameworks. Their knowledge guarantees a person-centered strategy that upholds dignity and promotes successful results.

0143: Supports for Early Childhood

In addition to the ECEI method, early childhood supports include a wider range. For children under seven, this registration group includes a variety of treatments and support meant to promote growth, inclusion, and involvement.

Professionals with training in early childhood education, speech pathology, occupational therapy, or related subjects are required to work in early childhood support. Their knowledge helps create specialized support programs for young children.

Meeting Particular Needs: FacilitateU’s Dedication to Excellence

As a dependable partner on your NDIS journey, EnableU is dedicated to offering a full range of support services in addition to information. Our comprehensive approach to meeting the unique demands of diverse registrant groups demonstrates our dedication to quality.

Enabling Inclusion Through Innovative Community Participation 

The Innovative Community Participation group embodies EnableU’s commitment to advancing employability and inclusiveness. In order to improve resilience, well-being, and personal development while promoting a feeling of community, this support consists of specially designed activities.

Our Specialty

Facilitating professionals with extensive knowledge in community programs make up EnableU’s staff. Our individualized support seeks to empower people by making sure they actively engage in pursuits that are consistent with their objectives and areas of interest.

Developing Life Skills

Building Independence Through Development One essential group that complements EnableU’s basic principles is Life Skills. We recognize the need of empowering people to lead independent lives and actively engage in community activities by offering training and development in everyday living and life skills.

Our Method

Facilitating EnableU’s strategy for developing life skills is based on individualized instruction. Our support is customized to meet individual needs, whether it is learning public transportation, perfecting personal hygiene routines, or developing problem-solving abilities.

Overcoming Communication Divides

Information and communication technology is one sector where EnableU is excellent at providing alternate channels of communication. Our specialty is offering tools and goods that enable people, encouraging self-assurance and independence in speech.

Our Promise

EnableU is aware of how communication can change lives. As part of our assistance, we provide items that address a range of communication needs, enabling people with difficulties to express themselves clearly and navigate life.

NDIS Enrollment Teams: The Way to Self-Empowerment

While navigating the complex web of NDIS registration groups, it’s critical to understand that empowerment stems from a supportive ecology as much as information. EnableU is your guiding light, providing knowledge, one-on-one counseling, and a dedication to quality.

Most recent NDIS updates and modifications

The NDIS landscape is dynamic, with regular updates and modifications to improve the The effectiveness of the plan. It is essential for both participants and service providers to stay up to date on these changes. As part of its dedication to give you up-to-date information, EnableU makes sure you are aware of any changes, additions, or adjustments to the NDIS registration groups.

Using EnableU to Navigate the Future

The goal of EnableU is to equip you for the future, not only help you navigate the NDIS as it exists now. We are steadfast in our commitment to your success even as the NDIS develops. EnableU is your reliable ally on your life-changing journey, whether you are a service provider aiming for compliance or a participant seeking all-encompassing support.

EnableU cordially welcomes you to investigate the plethora of opportunities found via NDIS registration groups, all in the spirit of empowerment. Speak with our committed support team for individualized help, and let’s go out on this adventure together – where quality and empowerment collide.

Why EnableU?

With its dedication to quality, EnableU is your reliable guide through the NDIS registration groups. The following are strong arguments for selecting EnableU for your NDIS journey:

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When it comes to NDIS Verification/Certification Audits, EnableU has a 100% success rate. Count on us to expertly and precisely assist you through the complex process.

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✅ Current Adjustments and Updates

Keep yourself updated with developments in the NDIS environment with EnableU’s dedication to giving the most recent information. Get continuing assistance to guarantee consistent adherence.

EnableU is your go-to resource for knowledge and assistance while navigating the complex world of NDIS registration groups. You can rely on EnableU to help you navigate this complex journey whether you’re a provider trying to achieve NDIS compliance or a participant looking for all-encompassing support. Please contact the EnableU support staff with any particular questions or for more information. EnableU is where your NDIS adventure starts, where empowerment and quality collide.

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