Enabling Well-being: NDIS Service Provider in Sydney, Functional Capacity Assessment, and the Role of NDIS Core Support

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has made independent living possible for thousands of Australians over the last few years. This program went into operation in 2020 and has garnered immense popularity as it helps people with any significant or permanent impairment. It provides all the reasonable and necessary support participants need in order to lead independent lives. It not only aims to help its participants achieve their goals but also reduces the amount of support they need so they can be self-reliant.

Once a participant gets registered with NDIS, they need to hire an NDIS service provider in Sydney to start receiving the funded services. Service providers are responsible for connecting you with the right service providers so you can start receiving support. It is essential to have a good and trustable service provider as they are also responsible for managing your NDIS funding. As a new participant, you might find it daunting to manage all the funding while also focusing on your well-being. Having an expert who can help you understand the program and provide guidance is important. 

When you start searching for an NDIS service provider in Sydney, make sure you check the following details about them.

Qualification and Experience

Qualification and experience are important when it comes to choosing a service provider. Your service provider must have the right amount of experience to understand your condition better. You must also check the qualifications of their support workers to see whether they have the right staff or not.

Compassion and Empathy

A good service provider should be able to empathize with the participants. You shouldn’t work with a service provider that lacks compassion and empathy for you. When a provider actually cares for their clients, it shows in their work, so make sure you find a service provider that cares about their clients.

What is Functional Capacity Assessment?

Functional Capacity assessment is a test that participants need to go through before becoming a part of NDIS. It is an evaluation that determines the physical capabilities of each participant. The NDIA conducts a meeting with new participants to analyze their condition and recommend the right level of support to them. However, this can only be possible when you have a report of your functional capacity assessment. Your FCA report helps the agency understand your physical capabilities better so they can fund the necessary support. An occupational therapist visits your home or workplace to examine your routine activities. They are responsible for writing a detailed report about how you perform your day-to-day tasks.

Some participants don’t have the funds or time to go through FCA as it can be a long process, and it is done before your funding is approved. Hence, it can be difficult for some participants to have an FCA report; in that case, participants are supposed to have a written letter in which they can explain how their disability affects their way of living and why they need this support. However, having a proper functional capacity assessment report can help them get a proper and more accurate NDIS plan.

NDIS Core Support

NDIS funds all the necessary support for the participants in different budget categories. Each budget category is designed to contain the right support for a specific purpose. Core support is the first budget category under NDIS. It is designed to help participants receive support for their daily tasks. With this budget, you can hire a support worker to assist you in your regular life. Following are the supports funded under NDIS core support.

Assistance with Daily Living

Many NDIS participants require daily help with their routine activities, including showering, eating, dressing, cooking, cleaning, etc. All these tasks are included in this support. Your service provider can help you find a support worker to help you with these activities. You can ask them to supervise your tasks as you perform them or have them do the tasks on your behalf until you are confident enough to do them yourself.


Consumables cover the cost of low-cost assistive technology. NDIS provides separate funding for high-cost assistive technology in the capital budget; however, in core support, the funds are provided for low-cost technology like walking sticks or hearing aids. 

Assistance with Community Activities

Socializing is a part of life, and NDIS participants also need to meet new people to develop new interests and hobbies. NDIS provides funds for participants so they can go to community activities and make new friends. You can also ask your support worker to assist you in these community events so you can feel at ease.


NDIS also provides funds for transport for people who can’t use public transport. If you have a goal in your NDIS plan that requires you to commute, NDIS will fund transport in your plan so you can use that funding to reach your goal.

NDIS core support is the most flexible budget in NDIS. You can use the funds in core support for other services; however, other budget categories don’t allow participants to use funds for different services. It is important to manage your core support funding effectively so you can use it for other important things as well. 

Key Takeaways

Having a registered service provider helps you use your NDIS funds in the best way possible. You might face many challenges if you manage your NDIS funding yourself; however, service providers are professionals who know how to manage each budget category which makes them the best option for you. EnableU is a registered provider, and we have a dependable team of support workers to help you make the most of your NDIS core support and other budget categories. You can also ask us any questions about functional capacity assessment to our team, and we will make sure to guide you to the best of our abilities. Contact us now and let our support workers provide you with our dedicated and compassionate care.

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