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EnableU provides high-quality services for all participants in Newcastle.

Round-the-Clock Care

We Are Always Here!

We know that disabilities don’t come at certain times of the day. Our support workers don’t clock out and are ready to assist you at any hour. Our 24-hour care support allows you to have a support worker sleep overnight if you need it. NDIS providers in Newcastle can help you reach your goals most efficiently, and us at Enable are one of the top choices. We plan to continue serving participants in Newcastle to the best of our abilities and our unwavering attention is the proof of that.

Tailored Support For All NDIS Participants

As NDIS providers in Newcastle, we believe that every participant has unique needs, and we plan to complement that uniqueness with tailored plans for all participants. We are here to create personalised experiences that fulfil your needs in the best possible way. Tailored plans help you understand your individual needs, and you can focus on achieving goals. We take our time to grasp the participant’s condition and then create a comprehensive plan to help them. You can get a no-obligation consultation from our team and once the trust is established we conduct an on-site assessment to get a better understanding of your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every participant is unique, and we plan to cater to that uniqueness. Backed by our years of experience in the industry, we have built an extensive understanding of different needs and services. Providing the best disability support in Newcastle, EnableU is ensuring a seamless journey for all participants. We aim to maintain compassion and empathy in our services, that makes us more compelling. Our staunch team is always ready to step into your shoes for better understanding. We take pride in creating personalised plans for each participant, catering to their individual needs.

Understanding and dealing with the guidelines of  NDIS in Newcastle can feel complicated. But with EnableU, it becomes much simpler. We focus on understanding what each person needs, making us stand out as an NDIS provider in Newcastle. We care about giving personalised support and specific solutions.

By focusing on empowering individual choices and championing the importance of goal-setting, EnableU’s approach aligns seamlessly with the core values of the NDIS. For those in Newcastle seeking an NDIS provider that blends expertise, empathy, and effective service delivery, EnableU is the beacon of excellence they’ve been searching for.

Some NDIS participants have a tough time dealing with everyday challenges. Our broad in-home support is the solution for them. We have designed our in-home services by keeping their needs in mind. We provide assistance with personal tasks like toileting, bathing, eating while also helping the participants with their house chores.

If you or your family member has an NDIS plan, we can assist you. If you are not on the NDIS and are on Home Care instead, we can support you as well. If you are over the age of 65 and are not on a Home Care Package or the NDIS, you can contact My Aged Care if you are eligible. You can learn more here.

Our community support allows you to take a support worker to a social setting. This support is designed to help you socialise more. We believe that meeting new people can make a huge difference in your independence. Our community support helps you go to social events and take classes for anything you like.

Why Choose EnableU for NDIS Services in Newcastle?

We Are Flexible

Unsatisfied with your support worker, caregiver or therapist? All it takes is a phone call.

Your Needs First

We don't just listen, we're attentive. Our services are tailored to your goals and needs.

We Are Responsive

When you reach out, we act swiftly. You won't be kept waiting for long or ignored.

You’re Not Just A Number

Numbers are for spreadsheets. At EnableU, we're about treating you as a real human being.

Experienced Staff

Trained, supervised and experienced across a range of disabilities and conditions.

Multicultural Team

Speak another language? We support the CALD communities in Australia.

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