NDIS Therapeutic Supports and Community Nursing Explained

What is NDIS?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is a support program started by the Australian government to help participants lead independent lives while also achieving their goals. It started operating in 2020, and over the years, NDIS has helped thousands of Australians reach their goals. As more people become a part of NDIS, the need to understand its support and services is also growing. 

As a new participant, you might find it challenging to grasp all that NDIS has to offer. It provides a wide range of support services for each participant, depending on their needs. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) analyses the condition of each participant to fund the right support for them. Participants can also request support if they consider it essential for their well-being, and if NDIA considers it reasonable and necessary, the support gets added to the plan.

NDIS Therapeutic Supports

Many NDIS participants require therapeutic support throughout their journey with NDIS. It is common for each NDIS participant to have a specific type of therapeutic support funded in their NDIS plan. They are delivered by professional and qualified providers. The qualification of the provider depends on the complexity of the support they are required to provide. Hence, the funding of therapeutic support also depends on each participant’s condition.

NDIS funds therapeutic support under the budget category Capacity Building Support. This category contains all the support that aims to help you build independence and enhance your skills. NDIS therapeutic support can help you improve your communication, mobility, interpersonal skills, personal care, and daily lifestyle.

All the therapeutic support you require is funded under the category of Improved Daily Living. It enables you to get better in all aspects of personal development. Following are some of the therapies that NDIS usually funds.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is funded under NDIS to enhance your functional skills to eventually improve your independence and participation. It can also provide you assistance with tasks like showering, dressing, and cooking if you need it.

Speech Therapy

Participants who have difficulty speaking correctly can access therapeutic support to overcome this challenge. NDIS funds speech therapy for such participants and allows them to consult professional speech pathologists so they can have better communication skills.

NDIS Community Nursing

NDIS community nursing is a support that allows you to have a professional and registered nurse assist you in the comfort of your home. Participants who need a certain amount of regular support can have NDIS community nursing in their NDIS plan. This enables them to have tailor-made support according to their needs. This also helps you stay engaged with your family and social connections, as you don’t have to live in an unusual setting just to receive the right treatment. You can stay at your home and receive the right support.

NDIS community nursing has several benefits for the participants, but some of them are as follows.

Comfort of Home

Leaving your home as an NDIS participant can be one of the most challenging parts of it. You get better faster when you are living in your home. However, it is not as easy and achievable for most people as they can’t access community nursing at home. NDIS gives this opportunity to its participants as it allows them to receive the treatment in the comfort of their homes. You don’t need to move anywhere, and a nurse will assist you at the place of your choice.

Tailor-Made Support

Living in a nursing home doesn’t allow you to have personalised care as there are other participants as well who might require more maintenance than you. The nurses there cannot pay full attention towards one participant because they are responsible for many other things. Having NDIS community nursing allows you to have a nurse who’s completely focused on you and pays full attention. The support you receive in the NDIS community is entirely tailor-made according to your needs and requirements.

How do I Get NDIS Therapeutic Supports and Community Nursing?

Once you have registered yourself with NDIS, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) plans a meeting with you to analyse your condition and needs. You can discuss your goals and requirements in that meeting, and that will help NDIA in creating the final plan for your needs.

If you want specific support to be added to your NDIS plan, you can request the NDIA to add it to your plan. However, you should remember that NDIS doesn’t fund anything unrelated to the disability of your goals. Hence, you should ensure that whatever you request is related to your well-being and will bring you close to your goals. If NDIA doesn’t find your request reasonable and necessary, it will most likely reject your request.

After your NDIS plan is finalised, you can look for a service provider to help you access all the support funded by NDIS. As a new participant, you will need a registered service provider to help you make the most of your NDIS plan. Your service provider will connect you with the right support workers and healthcare professionals who will assist you in becoming independent and confident. If you are not happy with your service provider, you can choose to hire a different service provider as well. Having a registered service provider saves you from a lot of trouble as they need to report to NDIS and provide the right support to the participants.

Looking for Assistance?

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